Use your PE and Sport Premium to enrich your school curriculum in PE and beyond

Create impact with your PE and Sport Premium and enhance your curriculum in PE and beyond through immersive human stories.

Lyfta invites students to experience diverse people, places and perspectives from across the globe, through interactive 360° spaces and powerful short films.

Many of the storyworlds have a focus on mental health and wellbeing, sport and physical activity and act as a powerful tool to nurture and explore positive values and encourage participation, raising the profile of PE and sport across the school for whole-school impact.

Lyfta provides an innovative and highly effective tool to enhance your PE and sports offering and covers several key indicators in the PE and Sport Premium spending guidance. Read more here.

We offer free access to CPD created with Youth Sport Trust: Using digital technology and immersive storyworlds to support PE, School Sport and Physical Activity.

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