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Lyfta live lessons are 45 minute sessions, delivered by our in-house teacher live, via Zoom. The sessions bring together many different schools from around the world for an exciting shared experience.

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World Water Day: Vanishing Sea

World Water Day takes place on 22 March 2024. The theme this year is ‘Water for Peace’, which focuses on the critical role water plays in the stability and prosperity of the world. 
Join us for a live lesson on the 20th or 21st March to explore this theme through a new Lyfta storyworld Vanishing Sea.
Students will meet Jordanian farmer Hassan as he battles the decline of the Dead Sea and the looming threat of sinkholes all around his farmlands. 
We will take a wider look at the issues of water security in a region affected by historical and ongoing conflict and hear why the River Jordan is special to half of humanity.
After you complete the form you will be able to select a time slot. Sessions take place at the following times:
  • Weds 20th March - 11.00 for years 5-8
  • Weds 20th March - 14.00 for years 1-4
  • Thurs 21st March - 11.00 for years 1-4
  • Thurs 21st March - 14.00 for years 5-8
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